Linda Starling Lewis

Linda Starling Lewis

PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Linda Lewis has been working as a clinical psychologist since 1994 with individuals of all ages in outpatient and inpatient settings. One major therapy focus is with cancer patients and individuals with other chronic or terminal illnesses. Dr. Lewis brings clinical training related to addressing the psychological aspects of illness, but also brings personal experience as a cancer survivor. She works with individuals with medical illnesses as well as their family members in addressing the stresses and challenges of illness. Dr. Lewis also helps individuals or families to develop insight and find effective resolutions related to situations which have resulted in anxiety, depression, family turmoil or divorce. In addition, she works with adolescents who are having difficulty navigating the world between childhood and adulthood.

Areas of Specialization

Chronic or terminal illnesses, both patients and care givers


Anxiety and panic attacks


Divorce and relationship stress

Life transitions and stress

Teenage stress and adjustment issues

Education & Experience

Licensed psychologist since 1995

PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi, with a specialization in health psychology

MS in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi

BS in Psychology and Economics from the University of Virginia


Dr. Lewis has been in practice at A New Start Counseling Center since 2000.

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